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Welcome to the BluesMen Channel

On the Radio Channel you can hear and discover a large collection of new and top performers.

In Genre: Blues, Rock, Blues - Rock, Rockin' Blues, Southern - Rock, Garage - Rock and others...

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Radio Blues Rock Rockin The Blues Online Music – BluesMen Channel

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You are on the official website of the channel "BluesMen Channel".

Large, International and Musical Internet Radio Community, which specializes in music style Blues - Rock

Community of music lovers and like-minded people, experts and professionals, amateurs and connoisseurs of Great Music Blues

The channel was founded at the beginning of 2016.

A large collection of selected Blues has been posted on YouTube.

Thanks to the listeners and subscribers, the channel received recognition and support from the musicians - Rocky Athas Group and Jessica Athas, Phll Mezcal - (Mezcaleros Band), Mighty Mo Rodgers, Rob Orlemans, Michael Katon, Milton Campbell - (Little Milton Jr.), Leon Hendrix (younger brother of Jimi Hendrix), David Barnette - member of The Dusters, Kara Grainger, Sari Schorr, Eliza Neals, Solomon Burke Jr. - (the youngest son of Solomon Burke), Larry Smith, Innes Sibun, Rick Pisano, JP Williams Blues Band, Hank Davison Band, Vargas Blues Band, Rob Tognoni - (Robert John Rob Tognoni), John Ticktin, Jo Hell Band and others.

We sincerely thank them for their support.

We also thank the subscribers and fans who took the initiative and participated in the development of the community.

"BluesMen Channel" for the first time in musical history, he recognized a good man, by the name of Marie, as the most cheerful, best and popular Blues - Rock music fan.

You can read about it in our article "Girl dancing Rock-n-Roll"

In 2017, on November 7 "BluesMen Channel" began to broadcast Internet radio with high-quality sound and round-the-clock broadcasting.

There are two options to choose from: Radio "Hits" and "Radio - Gold" from the "BluesMen Channel"

Large selective collection is broadcast on "Radio - Gold", which is regularly updated.

"Radio - Hits" has a list of the best musical compositions of all time, regardless of the year of release and the popularity of the song or artist.

The collection "Radio - Hits" differs from "Radio - Gold" in that the music is selected more carefully.

Statistics are taken based on the interests of listeners, polls, comments are posted on social networks, forums, views on the YouTube video channel, exclusively in the official network "BluesMen Channel"

After that, musical performances are transferred to the administration for review and publication.

You can easily apply for publication and distribution on YouTube channel and also on "Radio - Gold". You can send an application in the "Contact" section

Our radio listeners and connoisseurs of Blues - Rock are inquisitive, they are always interested in new items.

Also on the official website for visitors is a section of News, where everyone or a performer has the opportunity to publish their news, share unlimited information and publish what he likes.

The "BluesMen Channel" community allows listeners to learn about new artists, as well as help many authors spread their songs that are difficult to convey to listeners in these difficult times, when there is no opportunity to pay big money for advertising and managers.

Also, "BluesMen Channel" has developed its own dynamic advertising for official musical performers, which is located on the pages of the site. Advertising refers to the official sites of musicians or groups. Anyone can apply for free advertising.

We accept applications for the publication of musical compositions from community members and radio listeners, as well as with great interest we accept, we consider applications and offers of cooperation from performers, copyright holders of songs.

The age category of listeners "Radio - Hits" is quite wide. According to statistics, in general, the Blues are on average listened to at the age of 38 years and above.

Due to the good selection and style of more Cool Drive music on the radio, the age of our listeners is on average from 21 to 57 years old, and is quite well received by modern youth, tired of modern, artificial and insensitive music, advertised by highly paid managers, television, radio and MASS MEDIA.

Many say - Blues, like a piece of a forgotten forever of some forgotten musical genre, which is becoming less and less connoisseurs of this beautiful and soulful music. After all, in fact, other genres dominate - styles for the modern and young generation.

Maybe this is true. But we think a little differently that in the history of Blues, like Jazz, there were times of ups and downs.

"Blues - Source, the beginning of the River, the rest of the music of its Streams".

For many people in the modern world - the Blues is too Beautiful to be noticed, too Correct to be understood and too Great to be reached. (Quote "BluesMen Channel")

And there are rumors that among the fans of Blues - Rock, more people are cool, wealthy, advanced. In restaurants and clubs where musicians perform, a special audience gathers. It smells pleasantly noble and expensive cigar smoke.

And about the entrances to the house of Blues lovers waiting for luxury, mostly black cars.

Big concerts with expensive tickets are organized by such legendary performers as Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton and others who sing without a phonogram, but there are very few of them ...

But simple musicians are not threatened by this, having played their music from the heart, somewhere in the bar, they collect their instrument, pick up a case and walk to the subway with a good mood.

But only they return to their native Blues again.

Of course, good people sometimes feel very badly, and the Blues, when a good person is bad. Probably a long time ago some people noticed this ...

It was Lee Roy Whit




Radio Blues Rock Rockin The Blues Online Music

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Radio Blues Rock Rockin The Blues Online Music – BluesMen Channel

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BluesMen Channel – Radio Blues Rock Rockin The Blues Online Music

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Radio Blues Rock Rockin The Blues Online Music – BluesMen Channel

Radio Blues Rock Rockin The Blues Online Music – BluesMen Channel
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